Motivation : 10 Must Have Skills To Be Successful Like Mark Zuckerberg

w7041. Morning rituals: What time do you get up? Twitter’s Dorsey gets up at 5.30 am, while AOL’s CEO Tim Armstrong wakes up at 5am. One of the traits that successful entrepreneurs have is rising early. Many researchers have also suggested that early risers are most efficient.

2. Ignore your critics: People will try to pull you back whenever you will try something new. Ignore them. Listen to your mind and heart and have full faith in your idea. Put in all energy and results will be as desired.

3. Follow your passion: Having said that, even Oprah Winfrey says one needs to be passionate. In order to be successful, don’t think about success. Just keep working towards your ultimate goal and success will follow.

4. Keep learning: Quest for knowledge should never stop. Keep reading in your spare time and seize every opportunity to learn things.

5. Take risks: Matt Mullenweg, who started WordPress, dropped out of University of Houston in 2004. He took a risk. We are not saying quit studies but if you believe in yourself and know you can get going, do it. Taking risks in life teaches you many lessons.

6. Simple living, high thinking: If wealthiest people can live frugally, why can’t you! Prioritize your money and invest it in your idea. Save money as it will help you sail through in your thin.

7. Company matters: Spend time with people who think positively and who motivate you. Negative people will just fill your brains with doubts and apprehensions. With positive people around, you will feel motivated and inspired.

8. Build a team: It doesn’t matter how many people there are in your team, what matters is how efficiently they are contributing in building the idea. A good team effort always works wonders.

9. Don’t be afraid of failures: Kobe Bryant said ‘if you’re afraid to fail, you’re probably going to fail’. Don’t fear rejection and failures. They are a part and parcel of your life. These are learning and stepping stones in your life.

10. Stay focused: This is the key. Put on your blinders and stay focused on your goal. Remind yourself constantly that ‘no one can come between you and your dreams’.


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